OTechs Training Courses


     OTechs provides many different specialized training courses in the field of Informatin Technology with special concentration on Information Security and open source technologies.

     OTechs is a Sudan based hightech company which delivers it’s services; including training services; all over the world and Middle East region in a particular. OTechs training courses are deliverd in high quality and yet in a very affordable price; all OTechs training courses are provided on the custemers site .. on-site training only.

     We also offer special price for companies who request three or more training courses. Just contact us to see how we can provide you a training that you; and your employees; deserve.

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OTechs IT Services


     OTechs IT Services are mostly based on highly trusted open source technoligies. OTechs delivers it’s services suitable for Small to Mid Business as well as Enterprise companies. Solutions and Technologies provided by OTechs are very stable, reliable and secure and deliverable world-widly.

     OTechs cooperates with it’s business partners as well as it valuable customers to satisfy thier needs to high tech soultions which best fit their demands. For a full list of Services and Solution provided by OTchs; check the OTechs IT Service Cataloge.

Whether you are looking for a business partner or IT solutions pprovider that provides hightech services yet in a very affordable price; OTechs might be the first place to check with … contact us.

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